Wooden Chest

wooden chestA wooden chest can bring a vintage look to any room while also providing functional, easy-to-use storage space. Whether you have discovered an antique trunk in your grandmother’s attic or have your old wooden toy chest sitting in the garage, you can create a unique look in any room by adding a wooden chest.

Decorating with trunks and wooden chests offer an adventurous, nostalgic and romantic feel as they are associated with buried treasure, long voyages and a bygone era. They can be painted or left natural depending on your decorating style.

Trunks were made in a wide variety of sizes and shapes as well as from a wide range of materials since as far back as medieval times. The earliest trunks in the United States were primitive, created from wood and covered with hides like deer, horse or cowhide. By the early 1800s, antique trunks became more ornamental as forged iron locks, handles and decorative trim were added. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, rounded top trunks became very popular and were often lined with printed paper or old newspapers. As American’s began to expand into Western states, the trunk grew in popularity.

Another type of wood chest that has been popular for centuries are hope chests. Just a few decades ago, young women would begin collecting items she would need in her married life. This was known as her hope chest, although in some areas of the world it is known as a dowry or glory box. The chests are often made of cedar, but could also be made of metal or another type of material, and would contain linens, kitchenware, sewing notions, bedding and clothing. In most cases, the items were things that the young woman made herself, such as quilts, while others were handed down through generations, such as fine china or silver. The cedar hope chest was often passed along from mother to daughter and many survive today.hope chest

A wooden chest or trunk can be used as storage or transformed into tables, nightstands or even office desks. Add a cushion to the top of an old trunk along with fluffy throw pillows to create a unique sitting area. Old wooden chests add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your rooms, providing a vintage appearance even in modern rooms. Place an old chest at the end of your bed for added bed linen storage or to stash those heavy winter sweaters.

A wooden chest is an excellent gift for a teenage girl who may be heading off to college in a few years. Although marrying immediately after finishing school is not as common as it once was, young people still need the basic items necessary for when they leave their parent’s home, whether they are heading off to college or venturing into a first apartment after getting that first job. A hope chest can not only provide them with some of the basic supplies they may need to get a good start living on their own, it can also be used as a unique, vintage furnishing in their home. In addition, because many dorm rooms and first apartments are limited for space, a wooden chest also provides additional storage space.

If you are looking for trunks or chests to decorate your home, look online to view the many different styles available. You are sure to find one that fits your décor!